Unity Bubble

Level-up with this technology of consciousness.

The Unity Bubble is an energetic space designed to facilitate the unfoldment of consciousness.

How to get it

"Purchase" this free offer, we'll let you know when the next group transmission will happen.

The specifics of the transmission and more information about the Unity Bubble are explained inside.


And it's working...

The journey is personal and no prediction can be made as for your experience, but along the lines of:

·      Resolution of emotionnal conflict

·      Dissolution of behaviours “covering” pains etc

·      More groundedness – more “in the now”

·      Faster information processing



"The Bubble is fantastic

It’s really opening up to all possibilities

I felt lighter and very focused

I’m very fast (in processing) and at the same time more focused"

Bob: Engineer, Host & Coach

The Netherlands




"When we lost our dog or a family member, our suffering is cut by 95%

I’m understanding things faster and at a new level

It’s truly beyond my wildest dreams"

Susan, Neurodevelopmental Specialist,




"It is a space that enabled things that I wouldn’t have dreamed before that are possible

The Bubble is a really mighty tool

It’s a space where you can really be without anybody messing with your shit"

Mathias: Entrepreneur and executive coach,





"The Bubble gives me a lot of more clarity and stability, I am more centered

I sleep better

I’m more in the now

I’m really busy but a lot more effective with a lot more breathing space.

I used to be very tired after that (working) but now in the evening I still have more energy"

Walter: Business executive,

The Netherlands


"It gives me rest in my head, in my whole being

I learned to deal with my dark side

If you have a Bubble, you will go on a journey to discover your fulness (light side) but also your dark side, becoming a whole person again"

Mark: Business Executive,

The Netherlands

Margaret & Stan: Administrative assistant & Engineer, Canada

"A lot of the definitions that I used for myself and my life didn’t apply anymore

It helped me to get to know myself a lot beter, and that’s a real blessing

I’m not a people pleaser anymore. We are capable of changing at anytime if we really want to"

Margaret, Administrative assistant,


"I’m not influenced by other people as much"

Stan, Engineer



"I felt like a complete relaxation, trust

It is the Bubble that is making me more innocent, vulnerable, confident and happy"

Edmar, Attorney,

The Netherlands


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