If you want to change the world, become wealthy

(Photo by Michael Held on Unsplash)

There is something rotten in our society

You can feel it

Deep in your core

Our civilization is on a death spiral

You feel trapped in a society that is destroying our planet and our lives

And it’s making you sick



Can we turn things around?


And how can you play your part in this urgently-needed transformation?


The only reason the world is being destroyed by us

is because we mistake money for wealth.


Money-centric or wealth-centric?


In a money-centric society, it’s OK to burn forests, destroy nature, poison food, air and water for the sake of money.

Are you shocked to see our forests burn for financial gain?

Yet most people do the same with their lives.

They wake up every day, commute to a job they don’t like and wait for the week-end for a little bit of freedom.

They burn out their time in meaningless tasks for a paycheck.

Is it the case for you?

What’s happening...

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What is power?


You probably know the quote.

"The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace." -Mahatma Gandhi

If this day is to come, we need to understand:

  • the two different types of power 
  • how to develop real and lasting dependable power
  • the virtuous cycle of building real power within ourselves

Note that the transmission of the Unity Bubble (aka technology consciousness to accelerate expansion and processing) has been edited out because it needs to be transmitted in real time.

Stay tuned for new transmissions, I'll let you know via email (make sure you're on the mailing list).

Enjoy the recording and I'm looking forward to reading your comments.


PS: if you want to see more constructive power in the world, spread the word

PPS: if you want to enter a new state of being for a greater connection with permanent power, join our program Pure Power

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