What are gods in business?

Some people feel the call of a greater purpose, a desire to transform the sick and destructive aspects of our society.

We think of them as the Special forces of the Universe.

Their mission:

  1. Steer civilization in a new direction through new initiatives (business)
  2. Assist and align in becoming a sovereign species

Is this speaking to you?

Why the name « god in business »?

« gods in business » is a layered name, it contains several meanings & intentions:

  1. Once you have clarity of what value really is and how it is created, you become intensely efficient in creating
  2. With this knowledge, you do well by doing good
  3. Become superhuman (more human) and develop powers and abilities previously attributed to gods
  4. All of these combined will make you a god in business (like you say someone is a god in bed - extremely good)
  5. Spiritual people understand they are « God » and « God » is them once they become active, they are gods in the business of changing the world
  6. The origin of the knowledge (you'll discover this one in the first session of « how to be a god in business »)
  7. The last one is the deepest and more powerful reason. The meaning is revealed after you've gone through the training  « how to be a god in business » in the very last session. 

It’s not about who is controlling this world, it’s about who is creating the next one

At gods in business, we believe a shift of consciousness is well underway.
The human race is transitionning from creature to creator.
This shift is triggering a rapid growth in human evolution with new possibilities, new abilities emerging.
Within this context, the emergence of enlightening leaders that accelerate transformation of this world from a global self-destructive control system into an open, self-organizing conscious society.

The mission of gods in business

We assist people in living their truth and pursue self-realization through building & operating world-class businesses.

Our obective is to train 1,000 gods in busines by 2025


This is possible through the combination of 3 factors:

  1. The use of a new model of reality (Life Physics Group - California)
  2. Technology of consciousness (Jonathan & Hazel Davies) aimed at accelerating yet personal transformation
  3. My own experience in recompiling my personal reality to a rich, powerful and surrendered state

The process

  1. Start with the training « how to be a god in business » to understand the foundation and immediately level up.
  2. Pure Power program - this transformative program is an intense initiation into ethical power (available after « how to be a god in business » program) to match the needs of our duties in solving.
  3. Build a stellar business - how to build and operate a world-class business as a creator

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