The world needs you to be in your power

Today’s world desperately needs servant leaders.

Today’s world desperately needs servant leaders who dare to be powerful.

Enter Pure Power

The world needs you to be in your power

Today’s world desperately needs servant leaders.

Today’s world desperately needs servant leaders who dare to be powerful.


Power is defined as “the ability to act or produce an effect”.


The world needs more people to say yes to the initiatives within their hearts.


We need a new breed of people who can take a stand new kind of power, not power “over” to control and coerce but power “to” reinvent, recreate, invent better ways.


People who can develop power for constructive and nurturing purposes.

To reinvent our society

To set a higher standard for wellbeing

To change the course of our destructive and competitive society.

To create a world fit for humanity to exist as a whole


Today’s world needs more powerful people.

Most of us don’t have much power

But few of us can answer the call.

We’re barely capable of handling our lives…

Our heart’s impulses come second.


I can’t.


Someone else will do it.


Powerlessness comes in many forms, all too familiar.


When we feel powerless:

  • Projects don’t get acted upon
  • Love remains unexpressed
  • Shame, guilt
  • Distract ourselves with addiction

We *are* the technology

But we live in a creative Universe, in a mirror reality.


Since we are the technology, since we create who we are and what we experience.

We could be building powerful businesses that change the world (and the world needs it), but we’re not.

We could be creating pleasant, joyful, prosperous and fulfilling experiences for ourselves, but we can’t… yet.


We’re cut off our power.


We can’t access it.


It is hidden under layers of emotions that have become too familiar.

We’ve accepted them as part of our identity.

Your business is a reflection of yourself


  • “I don’t deserve” means you’re not charging enough to live a life worry-free. You’re not being supported in a way that allows you to best serve your clients. Instead, you constantly worry about worry.
  • “I am not enough” makes you work endlessly to give value, give more and more hoping we will be liked. But we just end up depleting ourselves.
  • “There’s something wrong with me” convinces you that the good live is for others, not for you
  • “I am unworthy of _______” fill in the blank … (being loved, being valued, being respected)


So you take less than optimal decisions.

You hold back.

You stay in confusion.

You sabotage yourself

You procrastinate


All because you are not connected nor connecting to your power.


You’ve accepted the identification with emotional imprints that feed on you and deplete your life.


And you hide your shame, your guilt and unconsciously accept to keep entertaining those emotions.


How much are these emotions really costing you?


Not just the money that you’re not earning.

Not just the clients that are not receiving your gifts.

Not just your loved ones who would rather have a powerful joyful being following a burning heart of purpose.


The world also misses you, your gifts, your presence, the work you know you’re here to do.





How much longer are you going to hold that back?

How much longer are you willing to allow yourself to remain cut off from your power?

Enter Pure Power

Reclaiming our power

But power is really connection with ourselves.


And once we reconnect to our inner source, we find worthiness.


Once we’re in touch with our power, we find the clarity and the courage to act on our heart’s desires.


But to get in touch with our core, we need to process those emotions that don’t serve us anymore.

Layer by layer.


And as we free up this energy, it becomes available for us.

It becomes available as us.

We can breathe freer, think more clearly and serve wider.

We can finally act with integrity and precision.

Our hearts are free.

Invitation to The Pure Power Program (1st edition*)

This is an invitation to an initiation in power.


A deep reconnection to your inner power and a crash course in the development and execution of ethical power.


This program is made possible through the work of 2 great men.


  1. Jonathan Davies who has developed technology of consciousness that facilitates, accelerates processing and expansion.
  2. A.R. Bordon whose pioneering work with the Life Physics Group to develop a new model of reality. A.R.’s insights will guide us clearly to execute power and extend our capacities in information processing (Intelligence Acceleration) and manifestation.


After this program:

  • You will have a deep, reliable and dependable connection to your personal power
  • This connection will allow for more impactful actions
  • Your ability to process emotions will be significantly improved
  • Your ability to express yourself constructively will be significantly improved
  • You will have greater ease to act on what you know is right
  • Your base of existence will be in the world of beingness (the world of causes)
  • Speak and connect with other people and they recognize you are powerful being
  • You will finally feel more at home in your body
  • A deep, pure acceptance of Self and all beings who inhabit this Universe And the feeling that “This is all I need”

The Journey

In 10 weeks, you can have a new sense of personal power.

This is the journey we have designed for you.


Prerequisite: have a Unity Bubble (you should already have this one – if not let me know after purchasing and we will arrange a personal transmission)


Module 1: April 29th 20h UTC+2

(Important, the transmissions need to happen in real time, click here to check the time in your timezone. All subsequent calls happen at the same time the following Sundays)

Power principle

We tend to think of ourselves as fixed entities, and so the ego used copious amounts of energy to self-maintain its image.

We will also dis-cover 2 features of the Universe that are fundamental to understand to facilitates rapid change.

Transmission: The Flow

This transmission reconnects you to the flow of life so that the identification with the ego is lessened, and the impermanence of life felt as a wave to surf rather than a threat to the ego.

Module 2: May 6th 20h UTC+2

Power Principle

We will cover how manifestation works and see the impact of restriction and how it acts as its own curse.

Transmission: Breaking the bonds

This protocol addresses restriction.

We unconsciously restrict ourselves, our desires and so we diminish what we thing we deserve and the visions we dare to pursue.

Pause: May 13th UTC+2 – Q&A

This week, we take a breath, integrate the energy that has been released.

We take this opportunity to address the questions you may have.

Module 3: May 20th UTC+2

Power Principle

From this module, we will discover how to exercise personal power in a way that expresses our sovereignty.

How we can speak and act in a way that doesn't carry opposition within it.

Transmission: The sacred garden

The sacred garden opens up a dimension in us where we can be nurtured and rest. 

Module 4: May 27th UTC+2

Power Principle

This week, we will develop our capacity to process information with Intelligence Acceleration.

We will discover how to use our centers of information processing (not just the cerebral cortex) to solve complex problems in a direct and elegant way.

Transmission: The open heart

When the front of our heart is closed, we are reluctant to give, and we feel lack.

When the back of our heart is closed, we are reluctant to receive, and we push gifts away. We give give give and end up depleting ourselves.

When there is balance in our open heart, we are able to give and receive, and we can experience the flow of prosperity and service. 

Module 5: June 3rd UTC+2

Power Principle

This week, we will discover the hidden meaning behind the hero’s journey so that we can better live ours, and better guide others as servant leaders.

Transmission: Anti-angst

Many of us don’t feel at home in the vibration of planet Earth.

Many of us feel an angst, “why did I come here”?

This protocol addresses this condition so that we can be more embodied and have a more pleasant experience.

Pause: June 10th UTC+2 – Q&A

We take another breath tointegrate the energy that has been released.

We take this opportunity to address the questions you may have.

Module 6: June 17th UTC+2

Power Principle 

How to edit reality in real time.

With our processing abilities significantly developed, we can tune into a new level of existence where you don’t need to live and relive the same mistakes over and over.

You will learn how to change circumstances as they are happening.

Transmission: Into service

Into service shifts the remaining layers that were pulling you into self-service.

It will be much easier to connect to your gifts and shine them.

Module 7: June 24 UTC+2

Power Principle 

The function of a servant awakened leader: your new metaphor.

How to see yourself to be an effective natural servant leader.

How to remain humble and safe from abuse of power.

Transmission: Effortlessness

Efforts to achieve anything outside is trying to fix the mirror.

This protocol further releases the illusion that we are to struggle on the outside.

Our efforts are to be invested in reconnecting to yourself, do the emotional work.

It's time to become a powerful force in this world


Important: the transmissions are done in real time.

To attend this program, you must be able to be present during the calls.

Check your calendar right now to see if you can show up for them.


This is a fast-paced transformative program.

Expect heavy emotional processing.

Rest and take care of yourself.


Hazel Davies will be in charge of the transmissions.

Benoît Carpent will be in charge of the power principles.

We will be both present for each call. 


This is the first run of this group program.

For this reason:

  • 5 seats are open for the public (although members and associates will be part of the group)
  • The program can be adapted to better fit the needs of the group

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